Apple Considers Having Stolen iPhones Call Police

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According to a recent patent filing, Apple has considered implementing security that allows an iPhone to automatically contact authorities when stolen.

The patent application describes a system in which the user can set thresholds of vibration and acceleration (I assume to mark if someone stole your purse or something). If the predetermined threshold is met, the iPhone will lock down to block unauthorized use. In addition, the iPhone could send a message to authorities with embedded GPS coordinates.

Obviously this description is a big picture view of how the system would work, not exactly perfect for real world use (vibration seems like the most problematic possible way to measure if a device is stolen). But it'd be an interesting idea if tweaked a bit. [AppleInsider]

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Kevin Bateson

i know you guys hate facebook people lol but ive been reading these forms for quite some time now and i hope i dont sound to much like a noob

im still interested in seeing how the mobile me "find my iphone" would work, in the dev SDK for 3.0 there is a option to have it turned on or off, but they are right i dont see the cops doing to much to just down a single iphone