Illustration for article titled Apple Falls to Third Place in Reliability Report, Loses to Asus and Lenovo/IBM

Apple, the previous champ in RESCUECOM's consumer reliability 2008 report, just got demolished by Asus in an almost 3 to 1 score for Q1 2009. It even loses to Lenovo.

Asus scored a 972, compared with Lenovo's 348 and Apple's 324. How did they get such a high score? Because their repair share was a miniscule 0.2% of service calls to RESCUECOM, whereas Apple's consisted of 2.1%. Even when you factor in that Asus only has a 1.6% marketshare in the US to Apple's 6.8%, it's still quite a low percentage of calls.


Toshiba, Acer and HP/Compaq round out the top 6. [PR Newswire]

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