Apple Graciously Welcomes Windows 7 With Ad Triptych

Apple heard Windows 7 was out and called in the usuals to make fun of it in three different ways. UPDATED

This one, called "Broken Promises" is a walk down Windows memory lane. (The real question: How long has the "Hodgman—Miami Vice attire" Post-It been on the writers' bulletin board?)


The next one, called Teeter Tottering, shows a cute woman trying to ditch a clingy PC. (Don't they know who we're rooting for here?)

This final one, PC News, has a Rob Lowe sound-alike explaining to Hodgman why people waited until Windows 7 arrived to switch to Macs. (I love Macs, but anyone who waited out Vista can handle Win 7 just fine.)




these commercials do make a valid point, though.

It is not an easy task to upgrade from XP, if you want to save all your data.

I would say, about 25-30% of the home machines we sell and about 60% of the business machines we sell all want XP instead of Vista.

NOTEThose are just the numbers our store does, and may or may not represent the rest of the known world, but thems the numbers I gots to work with.

Those are significant numbers. A lot of people will be unwilling to upgrade because they don't have the time, the patience, the extra drive to store data or just don't think the effort is worth it.

A lot of business that still use XP won't upgrade because of the cost in time that it will take.

I really think MS made a large mistake by not figuring out how to do a direct upgrade from XP.

Sure, you would have to update drivers and programs, but that would leave data in place, removing a large barrier from the upgrade path.

I'm a hardware repair man, and the software I know is Apples, but it seems logical to me that if you can upgrade from XP to Vista, and from Vista to 7, you should be able to upgrade directly from XP to 7.

But, what do I know. I've only been in IT for 20 years. #appleads