Apple Has Decided We Can't Track Killer Drones With Our iPhones

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Drones are being used by militaries to quietly attack targets, and little is reported about it because of how little manpower is necessary to carry out such an operation. So an iPhone app like Drones+—which sends you a notification every time a drone strikes—sounds like a good idea as far as government transparency goes. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't feel the same way.


Over the span of a month, Wired's Danger Room blog says Apple rejected the app three times, telling developer Josh Begley that the app is "objectionable," "crude," and "not useful." And the weird thing is that it's just a map and some words.

Begley is confused. Drones+ doesn't present grisly images of corpses left in the aftermath of the strikes. It just tells users when a strike has occurred, going off a publicly available database of strikes compiled by the U.K.'s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which compiles media accounts of the strikes.

Apple's reasons seem to change everytime Begley submits the app, and the consistency of these reasons is questionable. Why Apple would be so opposed to this app is not only bizarre, it's troubling. For the rest of the story, be sure to check out [Wired].


Their business.... they have the right to object to things like apps that track missile strikes and kills. I object to it too. Hate me now? Calling it a drone tracker is a bit to a veil over missile strike kill tracker. Don't like Apple's policies on this. Shut up and don't buy Apple if you are that of a proponent of "free speech" or whatever excuse you want to throw on your hatred. But really... is this affecting anyone who isn't f-ked up in the head enough to want to be notified whenever a bomb is dropped?

Anyways, there has been so much outrage over these policies since the app store, yet people that use the app store don't seem to care in the slightest. It's just the people that hate apple anyways. They aren't going to buy an apple device and they certainly aren't going to buy the apps that run on it... so I see these topics as fodder for haters.