Apple Hates Complex, Layered Satire

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Click to viewIt seems that Apple doesn't like—or simply doesn't understand—the extremely complex, layered satire presented on the Ellen Degeneres Show: The company supposedly bullied poor Ellen into apologizing for spoofing an iPhone commercial.


Geez. I don't get half of Ellen's jokes either, but I'm not exactly demanding an apology for it. [Ellen via Eric L.]


I don't get it. I see nothing for which to apologize. The (obviously fake) commercial was cute. It didn't make the iPhone look hard to use as much as it made its user look technically unsavvy.

I don't know what Apple said/did to get an apology, but they shouldn't have gotten it. Ellen, whom I don't really care about anyhow, either has no backbone or Apple is a huge bully. Or both.

If you needed more proof that Apple is no longer going against "the man", but has indeed become "the man", look no further than this incident. (as if the last few years wasn't enough to prove it)