Apple iPhone 4 Meta Live Coverage: Today 10AM PT, 1PM ET (Plus Lotto!)

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Apple is announcing something about the iPhone 4 in just a few hours. Maybe it's about the antenna. Maybe it's about how many bajillion they've sold. Our coverage starts live, right now, right here: [Gizmodo Live]



Bearded Bastard

well, i just wish jobs wasnt a woman in a retard mans body. this whole design bullshit everyone keeps saying that hes so scrupulous about, is really pissing me off. it looks great jobsm, it really does, but you know what else looks just as great, and works BETTER? a black shiny plastic back, and an aesthetic metallic rim, that has nothing to do with the insdie components, there is a reasin the antennas on old phones are metal, with a pound of rubber or plastic wrapped around it, to our greasy fingers dont fuck with our phone calls, or online porn viewing. the parts of the phone where the human interacts with, should NOT, be connected to anything DIRECTLY to the inside components, and without a plastic button top, or the glass screen, whatever it may be, there is so much wrong with touching any of that crap on the inside, so why bring it to the outside?