Apple Is Removing Anti-Theft Cables From iPhones in Some Stores

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Apple is testing out a new way to display iPhones in some stores in the UK and Canada—completely naked. On Saturday, Apple will reopen its fancy flagship store in London after a year-long renovation, showing off the brand new iPhone 7 without any security tethers, which presumably makes it extremely easy for any casual shopper to pocket one.

Why would Apple put itself at risk like this? Well, the company wants it to make it easier for you to test out its phones—No security tethers allows you to see how it feels in your pocket and try out the phone in funky cases. CNET reports that although the new London store has no visible security, there are cameras watching your every move. Still, the company isn’t too concerned with you stealing one of those precious baby iPhones because it will be unusable as soon as Apple realizes and puts the phone in “Lost Mode” remotely, which bricks it.


Will this create an iPhone stealing epidemic? Or prove to us that human beings are inherently honest? Only time will tell, but due to the fact that the world is never not burning, I predict the former.

[CNET via MacRumors]

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