Apple iWatch Concept Needs To Be Made

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Bluetooth watches that sync up to phones aren't anything new, but this iWatch concept does what all the rest fail dismally at—look beautiful. It figures then that it's just a concept, cooked up by an Italian design firm.


ADR Studio has "tried to imagine a new Apple style product," called the iWatch. It has an aluminum casing, with 16GB of internal storage and connects to iPhones or iPads by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It could answer calls that come through on the iPhone in your pocket, or display RSS feeds, weather or photos. An inbuilt pico projector for beaming photos and video sounds awesome but my wrist feels sore already just thinking of being held up in order to project a full movie.

It's definitely one of the most fun and beautiful Apple concepts I've seen in a long time, and manages to shit all over the last iWatch concept we saw from a few years ago. [ADR Studio via iPhoniPad via Technabob]

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No thanks. My girlfriend already hates how much time I spend on the computer/phone/playing video games.

At least I can put my phone down or lose it — the iWatch would just be one step close to installing a web surfing chip into my brain (if Apple makes the iBrain Ill be getting the 3g version, no more wifi bullshit).