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Apple Leopard Install BSOD Fix

That Apple OS X Leopard blue screen of death that shows up on install for some users? It's been isolated to have been caused by APE enhancement software, and Apple's got a fix. That didn't take long to solve at all. [Apple]


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And apparently THAT was false and now Unsanity has admitted that any version older than the newest (2.0.3) could, and probably did, cause problems relating to the upgrade:


APE, in principle, is very cool. I've had it installed on my Macs in the past. But because it does something that's so.... precarious, that i eventually took it off.

Great. Despite this revelation, all the haterz are gonna be savoring this BSOD on Mac card for a WHILE ;-p

In the mean time, I hope Apple could, in the future, make their OSes robust enough that any friggin' hack that wreaks havoc in such a way would be disabled during the boot process.