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Apple Not Happy With Japanese Sex Aid gPod

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The makers of a sound-activated vibrating sex aid, a two-man company in Osaka, Japan, have managed to get Apple all riled up. The reason? They've named their gadget the gPod, after "the G-Spot and jii, the Japanese word for masturbation." Stuck inside the cooter (the official medical term), the gPod connects to iPods, cellphones or music players, and apparently vibrates in sync to the audio.

Apple started fighting the Japanese company when the latter started applying for trademarks around the world, eventually sending a Japanese lawyer and repeated requests to stop using the gPod trademark. The company laughed off Apple's requests and said they would fight if Apple ever decides to sue.

Apple Computer Inc., meanwhile, is, unlike gPod users, keeping tight-lipped about the case.


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