Apple on iTunes Vista Issues: Just Don't Get Vista

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Looks like iTunes and Vista not wanting to play together goes deeper than we thought. Straight from iTunes tech support:

Apple recommends, however, that customers wait to upgrade Windows until after the next release of iTunes which will be available in the next few weeks.

You gotta love Apple telling you to hold off on updating your whole OS just for iTunes. UAC issues aside, you'd think if they had time to make that spot that's got Bill's blood boiling, they had time to get iTunes ready for the Vista launch.


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matt buchanan

At Digital Life back in October, Microsoft reps told me the Zune wasn't compatible with Vista yet because at the time they were just trying to finish getting it ready for XP. Work on Vista compatibility didn't start until November at the earliest, based on what I was told.

An excuse? Not really. But both Microsoft and Apple had ample warning before Vista rolled out. It's not like MS pulled a Jobs and Vista appeared the day they announced it.

It's just amusing that if you've gone far enough to decide to take the dive into Vista, Apple is telling you to wait for its one application, aside from all the other considerations you've (probably) made.