Apple on the Prowl for More Flash Memory

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There's a predator on the loose and rumor on the Interwebs says that it's Apple. According to DigiTimes, Apple is on the hunt for more NAND flash memory to satisfy its insatiable belly. It already has a deal with Samsung, but now Apple is asking for 10-15% more than what they initially bargained for, which is about 400-500 million 4GB NAND chips. Samsung's not sure they can meet the demand. All I gotta say is that I'd hate to be the guy to disappoint this man.

Samsung and Apple in Talks About NAND Flash Purchase [DigiTimes via AppleInsider]

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Johnny, johnny. Nice to know I have another fan. It was a joke, son. I would have said the same thing on an XBox 360 story about Microsoft, unfortunately, they're not selling as many XBoxes as they'd like lately. Are the skies blue in Hater-Nation?

I'm also on-board for solid state. Hoping Apple takes the plunge at the risk of alienating people who'd prefer a new iPod 120GB, and commit to going Flash all the way. The volatility of the Flash memory is a bit worrisome though. This is the first story I've read that doesn't focus on the cost plunge, but on pressing issues with supply.

Again, Johnny, I'm truly sorry my parody got you all hot and bothered. I knew it had a lot of sugar in it, but I came out on the other side of the risk/reward equation. I didn't expect anyone would try to "swallow" the whole thing. Go see a dentist immediately. Ciao!