Apple Patent Forsees Gadget RF Connectivity Everywhere, From Shirts to Cars

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Apple's just filed a patent titled "Personal area network systems and devices and methods for use thereof" which is speculative, but basically offers us a sniff of how the future of gadget interconnectivity might be. Apple imagines small, intelligent and efficient RF transmitter-receivers that can handshake and pass data between gadgets and which are embedded everywhere, literally from your socks upwards.The embeddable modules would be smart enough to ID themselves and enable both short-range (i.e. home network-style) and long-range (GSM, 3G, WiMax) connections between your portable gadgets, in an automated manner. It's in a similar vein to the personal area net tech that's been mooted for ages, but Apple's suggesting that it could become ubiquitous: you'd plug your iPod into an RF-enabled shirt that'd connect it up, or slip a device into a handbag that has RF connections built-in, and so on. Possible? We'll have to wait and see. But if Apple's vision proves accurate, and your iPod ends up talking to your shoes which then hook themselves up to your in-car network, then we'll all be bathed in even more RF waves than we are now. [Unwiredview]

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How do we know that some folks at Cupertino aren't running around the Apple campus wearing this exact tech? This just looks like a logical extension of the NIke/iPod stuff that is already on the market.