Apple Pulled iPads from Amazon China, But Won't Face Total Ban (Yet)

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Apple's asked the Chinese Amazon store to stop selling iPads because of its not-going-so-well legal mess with Proview Technology. Proview's also trying to get all imports and exports of the iPad banned. So if neither side wants iPads sold in China, why are they still on shelves? Local customs officials, of course, who have responded to this whole thing with a laugh and a good hair ruffling.

Customs' argument is simple: the market and demand for the iPad is too massive, and freezing all shipments—particularly exports—would be massively stupid, so they won't do it. Proview's taking the request up with some higher ups, but for now iPad shipments are unaffected. A stoppage of iPad exports from China might seriously hinder worldwide supply.

Proview owns the "iPad" trademark in China, and has been arm-wrestling Apple for a massive chunk of cash. Earlier reports said that brick and mortar stores had been pulling the iPad from the floor to avoid confiscation, but still selling it to customers who specifically asked to buy an iPad. With any luck, similar Chinese non-compliance will keep iPad shipments humming, even if the lawyer fight takes a turn for the ugly. [Reuters via 9to5mac, Cult of Mac]