Apple Quietly Fixed a Dumb Problem During Today's Event

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Hidden amongst the excitement of releasing a two-year-old phone today, Apple also revealed another, far less exciting problem: a USB-C to Lightning cable, finally fixing a unique and stupid problem for the one percent.

Up until now, if you spent $1500 on a Retina Macbook, and $600 on an iPhone, there was no good way to connect your two devices. Yes, you could buy an adapter, but who wants to carry around an expensive lump of plastic that mostly serves as a reminder of your multi-thousand-dollar laptop’s failings. Of course, in Apple’s chamfered utopia, all devices sync with iCloud and Airdrop, you never have to manually update firmware, and batteries last all day long.


In reality, Wi-Fi often sucks and I’m constantly charging my iPhone off my laptop, something that owners of Apple’s newest and thinnest Macbook cannot do, because it only has one port. Mercifully, that problem is now fixed, and if you spend $25 on a cable for this one very specific use, you’ll be able to hook your two iDevices together. The future!


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It’s amazing to me that I paid $170 (plus tax, obviously) for an HP Stream 11" laptop that does damn near everything that the razor-thin MacBook does for $1500. And my Stream is only a few scant millimeters thicker, has all-day battery life, and has these amazing things—actual ports! Full-size ports! For headphones, for USB (three, in fact, including one for USB 3.0), for a memory card, even! Which means I don’t have to worry about the balance between charging the laptop itself or charging my phone.

Blows the mind, that.