Apple Rolls Out Redesigned iMovie 08

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Steve Jobs announced an updated version of the video editing application iMovie to go along with iLife '08. Calling it "a completely new way of editing video," the Apple CEO called it "startlingly better." Jobs says it's designed to be able to put together a movie in 30 minutes. It has a completely new user interface, too.

The updated iMovie proclaims its newness with a new star icon. It holds all of your video applications in one library, working very much like iPhoto. It now supports the newest HD camcorders that use the AVCHD codec, as well as HDV and DV cams. It offers easier scrubbing of clips, as well as as one-click sharing to YouTube. iMovie is included as part of the iLife '08 package, selling for $79 or included free with each new Mac.

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Yes, not only can you reuse clips, but when you select a clip from your event library and drag it to the project, iMovie simply references that part of the movie. It doesn't copy it or move it, it just figures out where to look for that part of the project. Once you decide to send your movie to another application, it will render your whole movie and send it on. This is actually a really great idea, IMO.