Apple-Samsung Judge Longs for "Global Peace" Between the Two

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Judge Lucy Koh is getting into the Christmas spirit early. In the courtroom yesterday, while presiding over the eternal Apple-Samsung case, she called for "global peace" between the two companies.

Perhaps understandably, the statement reportedly caused its fair share of laughter in the court room. But Lucy Koh, she doesn't take any shit. She quickly responded:

"I'm not joking . . . I've said this all along. I think it's time for global peace . . . If there is any way this court can facilitate some sort of resolution, I'd like to do that. I think it would be good for consumers and good for the industry."


Damn straight. But while a Samsung lawyer said the company was "willing to talk", Apple grumbled about the fact that Samsung's $1 billion fine was merely a "slap on the wrist". So a Samsung representative lashed out and said that Apple prefers to "compete through the courts rather than the marketplace". Mature!

All of which prompted Koh to ask "When is this case going to resolve?" Looks like Lucy won't get what she wants for Christmas. [Financial Times vai Engadget]

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