Apple Says Siri Never Coming to Older Phones?

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If you've been looking forward to a non-jailbroken build of sassy Siri to land on your old iPhone, abandon hope. Apple officially has no plans to take Siri beyond the 4S, says Michael Steeber. It's Apple bullshit, but totally expected.


After one Cult of Mac reader pestered Apple tech support over a paid Siri upgrade for non-4S iPhones, he says he received this in response, which he forwarded to CoM's Steeber:

Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue:
Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.

If this email is real, then that's good enough for an official hell naw. Which, as noted, is bullshit—we've seen ample proof that Siri can run just fine on older hardware. Apple's 4S restriction is an arbitrary roadblock. But should we expect anything else? Siri is the big 4S hype factor, and without that, Apple would have a hard(er) job convincing anyone the upgrade is worth it. Without any physical difference between the 4 and 4S, being able to bring up Siri at a party and ask her to count your farts is the 4S owner's only way of standing out. Apple's not going to give that up. [Michael Steeber via Cult of Mac]


...and with that announcement iPhone 4S sales jumped an additional 25%.

Because Apple customers don't get mad over bad policy, they break out their wallets and throw money at bad policy.

"You mean my (barely) old model has some fundamental flaws and has been locked out for support and feature upgrades? Fine then, you bastards! Here's my money, I want the new one."