Apple Stops Distributing Pedophile Mascot

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The iPhone app Dancing Cuddle Bear is no more. Apple had approved the free game, consisting of a very (very!) kid friendly plush bear dancing to 11 hip hop tracks. But now it's gone. Why daddy? Why?

It turns out the creature in question is the infamous Pedobear, an internet meme so ancient it dates past 4chan all the way back to its Japanese predecessor 2channel, before it evolved into an icon used as a symbol and tongue in cheek warning about internet pedophiles, especially on 4chan's /b/. After some coverage of the "creepy" app on The Smoking Gun, Apple has apparently pulled Dancing Cuddle Bear from the app store, making it once again safe for concerned parents and people who don't like to see women's filthy hot bare ankles.


But it's probably best not to explain any of that to your kids when they ask where the dancing bear went.

[Image via The Smoking Gun]

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Jacqyl Frost

I love how Apple censors something on the basis that it promotes child pornography, despite the fact that he has nothing to do with it, much like Nazism adopted the swastika.