Apple Stops Replacing Shattered iPhone 4s After 50 Units

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Apple has replaced 50 iPhones 4s with shattered backs so far, including the one that our intern Ryan Salerno dropped in the first day. According to what the Apple Store genius told him, Apple won't replace any more units.


This morning, three Gizmodo readers wrote to tell us that Apple had replaced their shattered iPhones. One of them was Jared Franklin, the first guy reported to accidentally break his iPhone 4. He originally said that he dropped it from one foot, while getting out of the car. Today, he told me in an email: "For your information, I updated my post, as Apple replaced the phone for free without any hassle."

He wasn't alone. As Ryan discovered later, they have replaced 50 units, all of them with shattered backs. That number is nationwide. When Ryan asked the Apple Genius, he said that he was the 49th person to receive a replacement, and that they were only going to replace 50 units per company policy.

Given the inherent fragility of the new all-glass iPhone, this may not end well.


Did you break your iPhone 4 after buying it? Did Apple replace it? If not, try to return it. You don't have anything to lose. Maybe the Apple Genius is wrong and Apple will keep fixing iPhones with shattered backs for a while. Send us your photos and stories to


I accidentally dropped a Waterford crystal candlestick that my wife had. Now who's fault is it that i dropped it? it's it the companies fault? I don't think so.