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We here at Gizmodo HQ love ourselves some HyperMac batteries, but apparently Cupertino doesn't share our enthusiasm. Apple is suing parent company Sanho over six patents relating to MagSafe and iPod. And it looks like they may have a case.


The crux of the matter seems to be that HyperMac products use "original Apple MagSafe connectors," according to the company's own product listing. That's a no-no, as outlined in the legal filing:

"Defendants manufacture, distribute, and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple's proprietary MagSafe connectors used to connect power adapters and other products to Apple portable computers, such as the MacBook," the suit reads. "Defendants also manufacture, distribute and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple's 30-pin connectors and receptacles, used to connect cables to Apple iPod, iPhone and/or iPad products."

"Defendants' infringing conduct has damaged Apple and inflicted irreparable harm for which Apple seeks, among other remedies, an award of its actual damages, disgorgement of Defendants' profits from the sale of infringing devices and injunctive relief."

Is this going to pull HyperMac from shelves? I'd say it's more likely that Sanho hands over kaboodles of money to Apple but stays in business. But if this is an area where Apple really wants to have an exclusive product, it looks like they may have legal grounds to pull the plug. [Apple Insider via CrunchGear]

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