Apple Think Different Campaign May Be Coming Back to Make Your Eyes All Glassy Again

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Here's one rumor I really want to see happening: Apple's Think Different campaign may be coming back. At least, according to a December 8 trademark application, and the whispering coming from TBWA\Chiat\Day, Apple's advertising agency.

The new trademark covers the iPod and "portable and handheld digital electronic devices." Of course, this trademark renewal could just an obligatory update to the old one, but Seth Weintraub at 9-to-5 claims that there have been lots of talk about Think Different at TBWA Chiat's MediaArtsLab. Nothing solid yet, but lots of rumbling and rambling.

I sure hope so. I'm tired of all the on-your-face Hello-I'm-a-Mac ads, and I would love Apple to get an inspiring short up there. Because that's what the Think Different campaign was: Inspiring, especially in a moment in which Apple was about to fall into oblivion. Watching it still makes my eyes all glassy. Maybe to warm up towards the launch of the mythical Apple Tablet, which after all is all about thinking differently. [Patently Apple via 9-to-5]