Apple To Debut Sub-Notebook At WWDC: NAND, No Optical Drive?

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Apple will launch a new sub-notebook computer at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to start on June 11. Well, so says those rumormongers over at AppleInsider. The sub-notebook looks to be Apple's first to come with NAND solid state flash drives instead of a traditional hard drive. This translates to faster boot ups and smaller size, in addition to reduced power consumption. The sub-notebook might also be without an optical drive, but that's not set in stone yet (as much as rumors can be "set in stone"). Think of the computer as the spiritual successor to the PowerBook 2400, pictured here.


The sub-notebook is being designed with an eye toward the Japanese market, a place where Apple isn't doing too well. Expect to see lots more on this as we approach the WWDC.

Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market [AppleInsider]


There are already notebooks out there with Flash drives. I believe Apple would be the first to offer it as a mainstream product, but there are definitely others available.

Now, if Apple does something unique and innovative with their flash drive, and then everyone else does it too, then yes, everyone *would* be following Apple. Following is a good thing, though... it's the blatant *copying* that pisses off the Mac users.