Apple to Greenpeace: Stop Saying Words

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Apple has answered the Greenpeace Foundation's claims about the iPhone's hazardous substances. An Apple spokesperson told Macworld that, "like all Apple products worldwide, iPhone complies with RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances], the world's toughest restrictions on toxic substances in electronics. As we have said, Apple will voluntarily eliminate the use of PVCs and BFRs by the end of 2008." In other words, "Greenpeace, TFSU until the end of 2008." Meanwhile, the Center for Environmental Health in California has joined the media whoring fest and given Apple a 60-day legal notice, since they want to "encourage the manufacturers through a negotiated settlement to reduce the use of these chemicals." Obviously, they missed Jobs' memo about the "voluntary elimination" of said materials. [Macworld]




"It's not about ethics. It's about getting away with as much as they can."

Yeah, kind of like all the other manufacturers who have *only* announced that they'd get rid of these substances by some time in 2008, if at all.

So Apple is being singled out because, what again?

And even if we assume that "tardiness" is a valid point of criticism, explain to us why Greenpeace didn't call Apple out when Jobs released the statement, in which their timeline (to get rid of said substances by end of 2008) is clearly stated? If they didn't have a problem with that statement, they sure as hell shouldn't have an issue with trace amounts of the substances being in a product that was released 1.5 years before Apple's self-imposed deadline.