Apple TV Hacked to Run XviD, DiVX to Follow?

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Now that we've all seen the gutted insides of Apple TV, some forum users claim to have hacked into the unit and gotten it to run nonsupported codecs like XviD. The actual hacking shouldn't be too hard for the skilled. It involves removing and mounting App TV's hard drive and installing a few scripts. The chances of this being true are pretty slim (until we see further proof), so you may wanna hold off before running that victory lap.


XviD Working on Apple TV [via Electronista]


Ivan Kowalenko

Well, that was quick. This could turn the TV into the next XBMC. However, I think the syncing to the iTunes library is kind of a catch 22. On one hand, you get all your music exactly the way it is on your computer, but on the other hand, you can't dump something on the AppleTV and *not* have it on your computer (same problem with the iPod). I once converted my DVD of Serenity for my flight home for Winter break, and as soon as I was done, I deleted the file (I have the DVD, what do I need that file to eat up my storage for?). Sure, between syncs, I had the video on my iPod but not on my laptop, but the second I hit that Sync button...

Anyway, if this works, I wonder if it works with HD media... And isn't the H.264 decoder done in hardware?