Apple vs. Spotify, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

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Apple may fight Spotify through music exclusives and...Trent Reznor from NIN will lead the app design team? All the news and rumors you missed in the past 24 hours are right here on BitStream.


Apple has another big fight on its hands—this time its music streaming. Cupertino's rumored one-up on the competition was that its Beats-powered streaming service could be $2 cheaper than Spotify, but according to The New York Times, the record labels just are not going for it. So where do you go from there? Start leveraging some star power. First up is Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails who is reportedly working with Apple on redesigning the streaming app, but it won't stop there. Apple may also try to beat (no pun intended) the competition with exclusive or early releases. Good luck with all of that. [NYT]

Google's autonomous car may have airbags on the outside to avoid "look ma, no hands" vehicular manslaughter. Probably a good idea. [Quartz]

One Tinder hack turns two unsuspecting dudes into talking (and hitting) on each other. Cruel but oh so great. [The Verge]

Apps and Devices

Oculus has Nimble VR for tracking hand motion, and now Razer's shacking up with Leap Motion to make your hands part of the virtual reality experience. [Fast Company]

Microsoft is bring some of the tech from Internet Explorer to Chrome browser, so you can touch scroll with more ease. [Google]

Yesterday, Facebook Messenger got a complete overhaul, including a new feature that will let you message businesses directly. [TNW]


HTC makes it official—the new One M9 will cost $650 unlocked and is available for order starting at midnight tonight. Specific carrier prices will be announced by carrier.


Apple may be bringing back the 4-inch smartphone, currently rumored to be called the iPhone 6C. [DigiTimes]


Microsoft may have two tablets for us when it's finally ready to show off some new Surfaces—the expected Surface Pro 4 and a lightweight, depowered version that's much more tablet than laptop. [Windows Central]

Welcome to the future of music shows...I don't think I'm ready.

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