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Apple's Breaking Out Passbook-Enabled Gift Cards

Illustration for article titled Apples Breaking Out Passbook-Enabled Gift Cards

Though iOS 6's Passbook burst onto the scene with a bit of a whimper, it's been getting more useful as time goes on. This weekend, Apple started rolling out Passbook-enabled Apple Store gift cards so you can buy a gift that's not only last-minute, but not even a physical object.


The cards can be purchased through the recently updated Apple Store iOS app and come in sizes from $25 all the way up to $2,000, which would make for one hell of a gift card. They also come in three colors, but that's sort of a moot point when you're going digital. The digital "cards" aren't just for folks who can use Passbook though; they can be delivered in the form of a printable email. If you load them into Passbook, however, you get the option to tag the "card" with a zip code, so Passbook can remind you that you have Apple-cash to blow whenever you're near a brick and mortar store.


Digital gift cards are definitely an easy last-minute gift, and the Passbook integration is bound to be a handy feature for anyone on the receiving end who can use it, but one question still remains: does all this make a gift card seem more or less tacky? [App Store via Engadget]

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"We've taken our service that nobody is using and gave you a way to use it AND give us more money! It's win-win! For us!!"