Apple's Huge, Throbbing Wall of iPhone Apps

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At yesterday's WWDC conference, Apple stationed a little bit of eye candy in the Moscone Center lobby: a 5x4 matrix of Cinema Display monitors, adorned with thousands of iPhone app icons. The twist? Whenever someone purchases an app, it pulsates.

Apparently it's not quite real-time, but the effect is extremely slick. The icons are grouped by their approximate colors, creates a subtle rainbow gradient, which is a nice touch, and only evident from relatively far away.

That said, Apple should probably chill a little bit with the WE HAVE SO MANY APPS marketing strategy, as this wall inadvertently demonstrates: in a random crop here, which has about a hundred apps, I see maybe two that I'd even consider downloading. [Techcrunch]

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Whether there are repeats or not, whether half of them are fart apps or equivalent, doesn't matter. Developers are falling over each other to develop for this smartphone platform unlike any other. It's only been ONE YEAR. It's staggering. I've got 9 screens of great apps, many of which are indispensable to me. Every one of these apps is beautifully coded with a consistent and intuitive UI. Apple is quite welcome to pat themselves on the back.