Apple's New A6 Chip Is Smaller, Lighter, and Mightier

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Apple announced it's got a whole new chip for the iPhone 5. It's called the A6, which is a semi-surprising upgrade to this year's iPad's A5X.


No word on whether it's quad core or not, but it's 22 percent smaller than the old A5 and has twice the GPU and graphics power. The A5 to the A5X was a huge graphics leap itself, so we'll let you know when we know more about it.

Apple is also claiming the A6 will help the camera take pictures 40 percent faster, and power better image stabilization, and photos from video.

As reference, the A5X at the time was billed as twice as powerful graphically as the A5 as well. So that's a little confusing, but we'll figure it out once the official specs come out. Either way, that soft stat represents a boost in CPU performance from the A5X. Apple also claims that it makes all these gains in performance while actively increasingly battery efficiency.

Cocktail napkin math would suggest that the A6 went to a 1GHz or 1.5GHz quad core processor, leaving behind the dual core A5x, but there's nothing official from Apple just yet.

For now, though, expect a boost in graphics, launch time, and battery life from the A6.


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I wasn't expecting actual figures for the clock speed, but its funny now they don't even say how many cores it has.

On the one hand its shitty they don't disclose this, but on the other hand its never really been about clockspeeds with them has it? Its always about how well it works at the end of the day, and needless extra gigahertz just to compete with the clock speed rat race over at Android camp is just detrimental to the overall performance of the device.