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Just like last year, Apple is once again putting the "fun" back into "fundamentals" with its Back-to-School free iPod scheme. Qualifying students who purchase a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, or G5 Power Mac (or one of the leftover PPC-based PowerBooks or iBooks), as well as an iPod, will receive a $179 rebate, which Apple wants students to apply to the cost of an iPod nano. Since the nano costs $179 with an educational discount, students effectively get a free 2GB iPod for the school year. Both purchased items must be bought together at the same time and the receipt must be submitted to all mighty Apple within 30 days.

The program runs from June 5 to September 16 of this year and only one discount per household will be honored, lest Apple send its burly goons to track you down.


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