Apple's Stock Drops 5.15%, Low Boom Count to Blame?

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Wall Street can be such a fickle beast sometimes. Today, Apple revealed what could only be referred to as a monstrous unveiling of iPod-related material, and how do the investors repay them? With a 5.15% drop in the stock price. (Although we've done a few of our own calculations and have come to a striking realization.)


If you add the Steve Jobs boom count (1 boom, 36 minutes into the presentation) to the number of hardware announcements (5-iPhone, touch, classic, nano & shuffle), then subtract the closing day stock price at WWDC '07 ($120.19) divided by the opening day stock price ($145.12), and then finally subtract our two cents, you get 5.15—the same as the percentage drop in Apple's stock today.

1+5-($120.19/$145.12)-.02=5.15 (rounded off)

See, we can be analysts too! [AAPL]

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I don't see how Apple could have avoided the price drop on the iPhone while offering up the same basic thing in the iPod Touch sans a camera and phone capability.

I have not really wanted an iPhone at all and was waiting for the iPod Touch to come out so I would have the option of buying that instead since I didn't need the camera and phone... But now that the iPhone is so close in price it almost seems foolish to buy the iPod Touch when you could unlock the iPhone and at least have a camera in addition to an iPod.

It's just a bit disappointing in some ways but I don't see how they could have avoided it. And by the way, where is the virtual scroll wheel???