Apple's Stock Drops 5.15%, Low Boom Count to Blame?

Wall Street can be such a fickle beast sometimes. Today, Apple revealed what could only be referred to as a monstrous unveiling of iPod-related material, and how do the investors repay them? With a 5.15% drop in the stock price. (Although we've done a few of our own calculations and have come to a striking realization.)

If you add the Steve Jobs boom count (1 boom, 36 minutes into the presentation) to the number of hardware announcements (5-iPhone, touch, classic, nano & shuffle), then subtract the closing day stock price at WWDC '07 ($120.19) divided by the opening day stock price ($145.12), and then finally subtract our two cents, you get 5.15—the same as the percentage drop in Apple's stock today.


1+5-($120.19/$145.12)-.02=5.15 (rounded off)

See, we can be analysts too! [AAPL]

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