Apple's Swiped Swiss Clock Design Cost $21 Million

Illustration for article titled Apple's Swiped Swiss Clock Design Cost $21 Million

Not long after the launch of iOS 6, it came to the Internet's attention that Apple's clock design was rather familiar. In fact, it had been lifted straight from the Swiss National Railway. Apple agreed to pay up, but it wasn't clear how much at the time. Now we know it was $21 million.


The number came out in a Swiss publication, but the actual terms of the settlement are still in the dark. 9to5Mac points out this equates roughly to a 10 cent take on each of the 210 million iOS 6 devices, though there's no way to tell if that's how they came to the number.

The Swiss National Railroad hasn't expressed much anger about having their iconic design used, but who wouldn't want to get theirs, flattered or otherwise? It's not like Apple didn't have the extra scratch. [Tagesanzeiger via 9to5Mac]


love how apple is trying to sue everyone in the world for stealing the "rounded corner rectangle" while they straight up steal someone else's idea...