At today's WWDC conference, Apple made a string of announcement that essentially turns all your devices into one, synchronized, Apple-fueled monster.

The most notable of these is the fact that, in OS X Yosemite, Apple is more or less literally turning you computer into a second phone, allowing you to receive both calls and texts on your Mac.

The new Messages feature is definitely the coolest (or at the very least, the most long-awaited) part, though, is the cure to the dreaded iMessage green bubbles. Before, any of your non-Apple ecosystem friends would be imprisoned in your phone; there was no way to access them on any other devices that run Messages. Now, though, your phone will act as a relay, sending all messages to all of your other devices.

You'll also receive notifications on your computer any time you receive a call, displaying both the caller ID and the option to accept the call on speakerphone. But your phone doesn't even have to be in your computer's direct vicinity for this, as long as your on the same Wi-Fi network, you're good to go.


Of course, it's worth noting that Google Voice has been doing this for years, so Apple is pretty slow on the uptake. But with Google ever-so-slowly killing voice, Apple's Messages integration at the OS level could very well give Google the push it needs to reinvent Voice into a Hangout-branded competitor.

What's more, a new feature called Handoff syncs all your Apple devices instantly, so if you start writing an email on your iPhone, you can move over to your Mac and immediately pick up where you left off without ever having to lift a finger.

It's more than just instant syncing, though. You're devices are fully aware of each other. Anytime you're working on your iPhone near your Mac, a prompt will pop up in the corner of your computer screen (or vice versa), allowing you to switch devices seamlessly.


Hotspots have also been improved thanks to your devices new constant (if mildly unsettling) awareness. If you're using your Mac near your iPhone, you'll be automatically prompted and asked to set up the phone as a hotspot.

The new features are only available to developers for now, but you should be able to string all your devices together sometime in the next few months.