AppleTV DVR Patent Points to AppleTV 3.0 Features?

We're not sure whether this patent will actually be implemented or if it's one of those cover-our-asses sort of filings, but Apple's had a DVR-like patent in the works since at least 2006. The figures show a TiVo-ish program that records TV, but then makes the recorded files available to watch on their iPods. There's even a direct docking mechanism so you don't need a PC to transfer files to and fro. Could this be the next-gen AppleTV? Probably not, since Apple's going in the direction of downloading shows from their iTunes store, and letting people record shows easily to transfer to their iPods kind of eats into their other downloading pie. [Apple Insider]



@The Full English Please!!:

Actually I think it is more like 3-4%

Funny how Apple can post profits that are about 25% of Microsoft's with only 3-4% of the Desktop Market.