Aptera Concept Car: 330mpg, Under $20K

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Yeah, you're laughing at this weird-looking half-egg-shaped concept car now, but when gasoline costs $10 a gallon not too long from now, this 330 mile-per-gallon Aptera concept car might start looking pretty damn good. It cops that high-mpg efficiency with a fuel-sipping diesel engine lashed onto hybrid technology, coupled with its wind-slippery aerodynamics and 850-pound weight.

Stare at it long enough, and it starts looking like a lemon that's been cut in half. Will it be a lemon? Wait a couple of years to find out, because the Aptera's designer, Accelerated Composites, says the three-wheeled fuel miser will hit the road by the end of 2008 at a sticker price of less than $20K.

The Race to 100 MPG [Popular Science, via Sci Fi Tech]

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Kudos to the team for coming up with the design and hopefully pushing it to market. That said, I am not hopeful that we will actually see this any year soon in the U.S. First, I am not certain how they could get a diesel hybrid to market for under 20K. Next, there will have to be some significant changes to automobile regulations, because the design of this vehicle violates nearly every one of them.

Still, I would happily buy one and drive it to work if it was available.