Aqua FM TX Pro Snorkel For Underwater Communication and Dance

Do you have a communication problem? Do others say you just aren't listening? Chances are you're either a jerk, or you're underwater. If it's the latter, you can use the Aqua FM TX Pro so people on land can talk to you just fine. The active mouthpiece works when bit down on, transferring sound through your teeth and bones to your inner ear, where the vibration gets converted into sound by your brain—the same way it works normally.

Now swim coaches can give instruction to their swimmers while they're in the water, or, you can set the mouthpiece to listen to FM radio or a MP3/CD device to listen to music in the water. A set of one snorkel and one transmitter is available for $249.99.


Product Page [Vacation Gadgets via Travelizmo]

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