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Archer's Spy Agency will change its name, thanks to Jihadi Militants

Illustration for article titled iArcher/is Spy Agency will change its name, thanks to Jihadi Militants

We've had five seasons of Sterling Archer's antics with the International Secret Intelligence Service - or ISIS, for short. You can see why that acronym's quickly become a problem for FX and the series' creators, and it's about to change for the show's latest season.


The rise of the real-world Jihadist organisation ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who also frequently go by IS and ISIL) over the past year had been a problem for Archer, but the recent hostilities have made it no longer feasible for the best-worst Spy agency in the world to share an acronym with the widely-decried militants.

The only time the word 'ISIS' will be seen in the show's upcoming sixth season will be a scene in the first episode: Two workers in the background of a scene will take down the ISIS logo in the agency's HQ and cart it off screen, whilst Mallory explains to Archer that they now work for the CIA. Characters will no longer mention their organisation's former name - but FX won't go back and actively erase Signage or audio acknowledgements out of the previous seasons, according to executive producer Matt Thompson:

We won't say ISIS anymore, and the only visual representation of it will be that sign rolling off the show. It's just the most awful thing, and we didn't want to have anything to do with it.

There were people online saying that we should address it and say, 'Oh, I can't believe these guys have co-opted our name.' That's the way South Park would do it, coming after them and saying, 'These assholes stole our name,' but that's not the way the Archer universe works, where it's all our own creations. In our universe, they don't exist.


So whilst the show won't find itself in hot water for an acronym when it returns early next year, FX is probably finding itself with a buttload of ISIS-branded merchandise they'll want to get rid of pretty sharpish. ISIS coffee mug, anyone?

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Jason Smith

Mallory could at least make a crack about branding.