Architecturally Inspired Furniture Brings New Meaning to Table Forts

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Inspired by children who use furniture as objects of play, Atelier Takagi's Range Life table was designed not only with architects' favorite materials—blackened steel, concrete, glass, etc— but also with the design principles of much larger structures as well, incorporating I-beams, columns and trusses into the visual design of the piece.

When peered upon in the right way, it's as if you're getting an anatomical view of a building. And this is only the first in a series of similar pieces, so expect to see more going forward. [Atelier Takagi via Architizer]

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Chris Muder

$6700? Are you kidding me? This looks like it was done in a second year design studio with 'found' materials. I could make this for a couple hundred dollars.

Also from the designers website:

"Furnishings become monumental when viewed from a child’s vantage point and fond memories of playing under coffee tables provided a point of departure for the Range Life series."

Anyone who had one of these would never let their kids touch it, much less play on it. The whole piece is only 17" high which makes the space between the wood floor and glass ceiling about 12" high.

No one is playing on it or in it...