Are even more Transformers movies headed our way? Plus tons more updates on the future of Marvel movies!

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Two more Transformers movies really might happen, with a surprising new star taking over the franchise. Cillian Murphy refuses to talk The Dark Knight Rises. Vin Diesel reveals some Riddick 3 concept art. What's going on with the American Akira remake?


It's nothing but spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Avengers.

The Avengers

Tom Hiddleston explains that Loki is "more feral" here than he was in Thor:

"Loki's definitively more menacing [in 'The Avengers']. In 'Thor,' he was a lost prince and there was a degree of vulnerability and confusion about his identity. In 'The Avengers,' he knows exactly who he is and is fully self-possessed. ['Thor' director] Ken [Branagh] and Marvel already had a clear take on the world they wanted to make, but I borrowed from both [Marvel and Norse]. In the Marvel mythology, initial incarnations of Loki just have him cackling on the rooftops. He's very much a two-dimensional villain. It was only in the Norse myth that you see how psychologically complex Loki seemed to be."

He also revealed that New York is explained as the main base of the Avengers because that's where Tony Stark lives. He also says the dynamics of the group aren't perfect:

"It's not an easily functioning team. A lot of the strength and uniqueness of the film comes in the fact that there's a lot of square peg/round hole fitting going on."

He also offers this tease of one of his favorite scenes:

"There's a scene where I say, 'You were made to be ruled' that smacks of an entitlement, arrogance and menace that sums Loki up pretty well. There's more where that came from."



Captain America 2

Dum Dum Dugan actor Neal McDonough explains how World War II will likely fit into the sequel:

Yeah the talk now is that they are going to flash back to WWII and without going too much into, because I'm not supposed to say too much at all, but whatever they do I guarantee you this … it's going to be an awesome movie. The villain is going to be crazy, and it will be really terrific. The origin of Cap being in WWII is definitely paramount to the guys over at Marvel.


[I Am Rogue]


Co-writer Joe Cornish says he's very proud of the script he and Edgar Wright wrote, and now it's just a question of Marvel Studios and Wright figuring out how to proceed. He also reportedly "smiled" at the suggestion that the movie would see multiple Ant-Men put on the suit, though he only issued a pair of "No comments" on that point. [The Playlist]


The Amazing Spider-Man

Here's some promo art. [MovieWeb]

The Dark Knight Rises

For those inclined to read evasive non-answers as confirmation of things, this video is a goldmine, as Cillian Murphy refuses to confirm or deny that he's returning as Scarecrow in the final Batman film. [Comic Book Movie]

Transformers 4 and 5

Hasbro and Paramount are reportedly working on plans to shoot two additional Transformers sequels back-to-back, with the joint shooting schedule meant to keep costs down. Screenwriter Ehren Kruger reportedly has a concept for the two films that Paramount really likes. Michael Bay is reportedly interested in directing the films, though Shia LeBeouf has reportedly definitely moved on. His replacement? The previously rumored Jason Statham, who does operate very well on the level of high-octane idiocy a fourth and fifth Transformers movie would require. This is all very much early days, so take all this with a reasonably skeptical grain of salt until we hear more, but honestly this has the stink of inevitability all over it. [Variety]



When Michael Fassbender was asked about Damon Lindelof's claim that his android character would allow the audience to gain additional insight into humanity, he gave this somewhat cryptic response:

"I think it's one of those great things with a really good script writer. What Damon did with that script is fantastic. It allows the audience in on more information than the characters in the film."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Riddick 3

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Vin Diesel revealed that principal photography on the film begins "in weeks" - which isn't nearly as clear as it might initially seem, as that could mean anything from two weeks to infinity weeks, but let's assume he means sooner rather than later. Anyway, he also released some new concept art, this time showing his title character wearing Necro-armor like that of the Necromongers, whom he became king of in The Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick's rare foray into non-tank-top clothing is called "Riddick's Kick-Ass Armor, Version B." Make of all this what you will. [The HD Room]


Despite the repeated failures to find somebody, anybody willing to appear in the Americanized live-action remake of the iconic Japanese anime film, people are still working on ways to make the movie happening, which primarily involves slashing the budget. Warner Bros. is reportedly expected to make a decision on the film sometime next week. [Showblitz]


Battlestar Galactica Reboot

Bryan Singer confirms that plans are still underway to re-adapt the original 1970s BSG for the big screen, saying that the project, "I think, will be really exciting." [SFX]



This Max Landis-penned update of the Frankenstein story is reportedly Real Steel director Shawn Levy's next project, beating out Fantastic Voyage, Real Steel 2, and his latest announced project, a Pinocchio prequel (yes, really). [Deadline]


Sin City 2

The Departed writer William Monahan says he's about a month into working on the script for the Sin City sequel. He explains his approach:

In this case, my job is essentially to be Frank Miller. I have to, as an improvisational actor, be Frank Miller while simultaneously being Monahan. It's pretty cool because as a screenwriter, as a dramatist, what you're doing all the time is inhabiting characters and improvising. In writing drama, there's a great component of being an improvisational actor and there's also a component of being an improvisational writer who can inhabit another personality and deliver something in the correct tone. Frank Miller is emphatically Frank Miller. That's what I wanted to see in Sin City and that's what I want to see in Sin City 2.



The Sarah Jane Adventures

Here's the trailer for what is sadly the show's last ever episode, the second part of "The Man Who Never Was."


Here are descriptions for the rest of the 2011 episodes:

Oct. 28: "Novation"
In the aftermath of Peter's (Joshua Jackson) return, the situation escalates when the translucent shapeshifters return. As the threat intensifies, former Massive Dynamic scientist, Malcolm Truss (guest star Arye Gross), enters the fold, while Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) pays Walter (John Noble) a visit in the lab.

Nov. 4: "And Those We've Left Behind"
Real-life spouses Stephen Root and Romy Rosemount guest-star in an all-new FRINGE, which marks the first time the accomplished actors have ever acted together. The Fringe team must find the pattern between tragic time loop anomalies. As the investigation unfolds, Raymond (guest star Root), an electrical engineer, and his wife, Kate (guest star Rosemont), a professor of theoretical physics, enter the picture.

Nov. 11: "Wallflower"
When a man mysteriously dies by an invisible force, his body rapidly begins turning ghostly white. The Fringe team learns that this is not an isolated incident, and there's evidence that links the predator to someone who passed away with an unknown genetic disorder. Meanwhile, Olivia (Anna Torv) suffers from migraines.

Nov. 18: "Back to Where You've Never Been" - Fall Finale
In the Fall Finale, Olivia and Lincoln (Seth Gabel) take drastic measures to deal with the looming threat from the translucent shapeshifters, while helping Peter find his way home. Something "over there" occurs that hasn't happened since the universes were linked at the end of last season.



The Walking Dead

Here's a sneak peek at the next episode, "Bloodletting."

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses the second season:

The first season was setting up the world, learning about it through Rick's eyes, 'cause obviously he was in a coma as the world was falling into the zombie apocalypse. This season we're able to delve into each of the cast members: who they are, what their fears are, what their hopes are. Are they giving into despair? Are they willing to fight? Do they have an opportunity to fall in love?

...It's interesting how Daryl is the character who's changed the most, morphing from redneck to leader. How does that happen?
He was always in his brother's shadow. Now he can define himself. And truly, he's got the strongest skill set to survive in this environment. He's a survivalist. The rest are adapting to living without modern conveniences, but Daryl grew up that way.


There's more at the link. [Vulture]

Terra Nova

Here are descriptions of the November episodes:

Nov. 7: "Nightfall"
A crashing meteor wipes out all technology and wreaks havoc on the colony. Meanwhile, Maddy (Naomi Scott) and Reynolds (guest star Dean Geyer) are stuck out in the wilderness. Back at Terra Nova, Elisabeth and Skye must work together to save a life, Taylor tries to prevent Mira (Christine Adams) and the "Sixers" from invading, and a mystery man makes his presence known.

Nov. 14: "Proof"
Maddy starts interning for the colony's greatest scientist (guest star Robert Coleby), and her life is put in danger when she discovers a terrible secret. Meanwhile, Josh makes a deal with the devil in order to solidify his plan to bring his girlfriend from the future to Terra Nova.

Nov. 21: "Vs."
As Taylor searches for the "Sixer" mole within Terra Nova, Jim stumbles onto an old murder, for which Taylor is the prime suspect.




Here's part of a message to fans from executive producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak:

This season will take Chuck back to the basics, as he and his team go independent as Carmichael Industries. Without the help of the CIA or the Intersect in his head, Chuck is once again the underdog, relying more than ever on his wits, his team, and also on a new Intersect - Morgan Grimes. And as Chuck and Sarah begin life as newlywed spy partners, they're led to consider the future of their spy life. In addition, we're excited to have a new cast of guest stars on board, including Mark Hamill, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Cheryl Ladd. Who else could be Sarah's mom but an original Angel?


You can read the rest of it at the link. [ChuckTV]


Here's the synopsis for episode six, "Slash Fiction":

Sam and Dean are once again on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list when two Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, Sam and Dean need to drop off the grid so Bobby sends them to Frank Deveraux , a quirky surveillance expert, for help. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Levianthans, or at least slow them down, so the real Winchesters can stop their evil doppelgangers.



American Horror Story

Episode seven is reportedly called "Rubber Man." [SpoilerTV]


Here's another round of promo images from the animated Christmas special, "Do You See What I See." [Daemon's TV]



Here are some promo photos for episode three, "Untouchable." [SpoilerTV]

The Vampire Diaries

Here are some promo photos from episode six, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." [SpoilerTV]


The Secret Circle

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Here's a poster. [KSiteTV]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.




I'm sorry but Jason Statham is getting dangerously close to being the Steven Seagal or Jean Claud Van Dam of this generation. It's getting to the point where I can't take anything he does real seriously.

I know I'm going to take backlash for this because he's been in a couple good flicks, but I'm entitled to my opinion.