Are Nokia's Flagship Windows Phones Even Coming to the US?

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Nokia's purdy new Windows Phones may be exactly what the platform needs to get a foothold in the US and abroad. But there's a chance we may never see the Lumia 800 or 710 stateside. Wait, what?


According to Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak, Nokia's definitely going to be bringing Windows Phone handsets to the US in early 2012. Just maybe not these handsets. When we asked him at Nokia World about availability, Nowak indicated that while Nokia has chosen a US carrier (just one?), they couldn't say whether the phone they bring here would be the 800, the 710, both, or neither, or whether it would be GSM or CDMA.

Which is potentially disappointing—the 800 looks exactly like it upgrades my Samsung Focus in every way I could hope for. Then again, Nokia might be waiting to pull out the ace up its sleeve, literally, in the form of the rumored 4G LTE Nokia Ace, which sounds like a Windows Phone fanboy's (if there is such a thing?) dream.

Guess we'll find out soon enough.



You know the way the phone we called the Samsung Galaxy S here in Europe went to America and became several different phones which varied slightly but deep down they had that warm Galaxy S feeling inside. Maybe this is what these Nokia handsets will become, you won't get the 800 or 710 but the Verizon Superdyduper and the At&t AwesomeMax.