Throwing a figure like 20,000% around seems absurd. Rarely is anything we use in our normal lives 20,000% more/less/better/worse/whatever than a competing product. Yet, AudioMasons claim their stone speakers are 20,000% greener than other speakers. Seriously?

In addition to desirable resonance qualities, the stone used to make their speakers is apparently highly sustainable. The $1146, 2-way Comet speaker features 7-inch and 1-inch drivers, with a frequency response of 42Hz - 20kHz.


But Treehugger's Lloyd Alter isn't so sold on that idea. First, he points out that their touting of LEED qualification is strage: that's generally for buildings and structures as opposed to consumer products. Secondly, the 20,000% figure comes primarilyfrom comparing the stone encasements of their speakers to a speaker whose enclosure is cast from virgin aluminum (though they also calculate the energy saved as well). And sure, there are aluminum-encased speakers, but I wouldn't call them the de facto standard of audio gear. And lastly, Alter points out that the process of cutting and shaping stone isn't all that green. The claim to eco-supremacy appears to be hype more than anything else. [AudioMasons via TreeHugger]