The dust still has yet to settle, since Apple announced on Monday that it would no longer seek EPEAT certification for 39 of its computer models. Certainly, this news is not great. The ideal situation would be for everything, everywhere, to be entirely green and environmentally friendly.

But Tech Radar reports that the City of San Francisco's Department of Environment has sent letters "to all 50 city agencies, informing them that city funds can no longer be used to purchase Apple products"—and, to me, that seems a bit extreme.


Hear me out. There are plenty of products that we use on a daily basis that a terrible for the environment. We could be more diligent about recycling and make a significant difference. Banning entire sector of a city's government from spending city funds on new MacBooks is sort of a passive environmental statement. How about mandatory work-commute carpools? Or forbidding city funds from being spent on bottled water? Or allowing only those tubeless toiletpaper rolls in city government office bathrooms? Or forbidding all men and women employed by the city from using hair spray. I'm (possibly) exaggerating for effect, here, but still. Are we overreacting, or not?