Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk? Dirty DaVinci's Ancient Machine Gun Blasts from the Past

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This triple-barreled, bronze cannon was first unearthed 40 years ago by Croatian schoolchildren. Since then, there has been speculation that it might be one of Leonardo DaVinci's much sought-after primitive machine guns. The speculation is over. It's been confirmed.

Benkovac museum officials have confirmed that the triple-trouble antiquity is indeed based off of one of Leonardo's much sought after weapon designs, and that it is the only known cannon to have survived into modernity. It's about 1097 barrels short of painting an instant Mona Lisa but it was still way ahead of its time. Although not fully automatic like a modern machine gun, the three barrel design offers a significant firing rate advantage over traditional cannons because its operators can fire, reload, and cool down simultaneously using the separate barrels. Until now, museums have had to make their own replicas.


The Benkovac museum now has the exclusive honor of displaying the only original in the world. Be sure to drop by adn take a peek the next time you find yourself in Southern Croatia. [Telegraph]