The day's here. You can replace your old iPhone (or some other phone!) with an iPhone 4S. But will you? Are you excited by the internal upgrades, or too bummed that it's not the iPhone 5? Will you buy it?


The iPhone 4S has a lot going for it: the camera sounds phenomenal, Siri looks like some sci-fi action, and the speed boosts will usher in some potentially awesome gaming. And hey, how 'bout that (claimed) AT&T speed doubling!

But... it's the same old design. The screen's the same size, it's not any thinner or lighter, and there's no resolution boost. No true 4G or LTE either. Do you want to be locked down in a contract extension without awesome features that are standard on a lot of rival devices?

Decide wisely, my friend. Money is on the line. Money you did horrible, horrible things to earn!


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