Are You Ready for a Dyson Airblade/Mitsubishi Jet Towel Battlemodo?

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Whether you like it or not, this thing is about to get switched ON:

We totally feel like Don King right now. Remember when we interviewed James Dyson about his Airblade, and he said it could put a hurtin' on Mitsubishi's Jet Towel? Well, Mitsubishi fired back, saying, "We obviously take issue with his claims and would love the opportunity to dispute it." Then, only a day ago, this arrived at our door:

Yep, a freakin' Jet Towel—the latest and greatest one, too.

Dyson's on board. Not long ago, he wrote us personally, saying:

I hear our demo sparked Gizmodo's curiosity in seeing a battle take place between Airblade and the Mitsubishi Jet Towel... I never shy away from such fun and I look forward to seeing the outcome!


We talked to Sir James' US reps, and they are getting us a unit ASAP.

We're not sure the world is fully ready for an Ultimate Hand-Dryer Battlemodo between Dyson and Mitsubishi, but baby, ready or not, here it comes... Stay tuned for Battlemodo details and a tale of the tape early next week.


Special thanks to Mr. Frucci for the cartoon witticisms above!