Dyson Says Airblade Would Beat Mitsubishi Jet Towel in Battlemodo

We have it on tape. Today, James Dyson (whose friends call him Sir) told us that Airblade would stomp the crap out of Mitsubishi's Jet Towel in a hand-drying face-off. Those are our words; you'll have to watch the video to see how the charming and diplomatic Englishman puts it. But while you watch, make sure you pay attention to the fire in his eyes.


Dyson Airblade Copied Mitsubishi Jet Towel? [Gizmodo]


James Dyson Shows Giz His Airblade [Gizmodo]

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I went all out on a Dyson DC 16, it was literaly three times the price of every other hand vacum cleaner in the store. Well, it stopped working after 1 week. Ok, s*** happens, so I send it in to Dyson, and guess what, I got a call from them saying that the type of dust I vacumed is not suitable for their vacum cleaner (I drilled a couple of holes in my walls to put a shelf on). I went ballistic on them, and they agreed to replace the broken battery pack, but stated that they will not repair a broken motor. My 6 year old Philips cheapskate vacum is sucking the same dirt up since months. An other thing I was surprised with is the low build quality, the colors of the plastic parts are nice, but this is cheap stuff. If you are looking for a high quality product, stay away form Dyson. If this is any indication for their airblade it will most liekly only work for manicured hands washed in nothing but evian.