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One of Mitsubishi s more interesting products is finally making its way stateside. Available in Japan for nearly a decade, the Jet Towel is a hand dryer that not only dries your hands in double-quick time (about five to six seconds), but actually helps the environment, too. It eliminates the need for wasteful paper towels, saving Mother Nature s precious trees. (PHBs take note: the Jet Towel may save money in the long-term as electricity is the only cost.) There s little additional waste to be found other than the water that collects in its drain tank, keeping the executive wash room nice and clean. So if you re in the market for a hand dryer for the office bathroom, or are just tired of seeing filthy paper towels strewn about, perhaps you should keep your eyes peeled for the Jet Towel. (Thanks, James!)

Product Page [Mitsubishi Electric and PACARC, LLC]