Are You Ready to Wear Clothing Designed by Amazon?

A dapper fellow in orange pants poses backstage at Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions 2014
A dapper fellow in orange pants poses backstage at Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions 2014

Many of us have bought clothes from Amazon, but we’ll apparently soon have the chance to by clothes by Amazon. That’s right. It looks like Amazon wants to launch its own line of shirts, pants, dresses, and so on.


There may have been rumors about Amazon getting into the clothing market before, but WDD reports that Amazon has actually started looking to hire people with fashion experience to make this happen. According to WDD, Amazon posted a job listing for a senior sourcing manager last week with a description that asks for “an entrepreneurial, analytical and highly motivated [senior] sourcing manager to join our team to launch new high-quality products for our global customers.”

The effort “to launch new high-quality products” could mean a lot of things. It’s just vague enough to suggest an Amazon clothing line without being a complete confirmation of the rumor. However, the move into Amazon-branded clothes would certainly make sense for the company that already has Amazon-branded electronics, Amazon-branded shows, and Amazon-branded services. If Amazon expanded its operations in apparel, Jeff Bezos and pals could net all the profit when the make, sell, and deliver products. And clothing is big business for them.

Of course, one new job listing doesn’t tell us all that much about Amazon’s plans to launching a whole new apparel initiative. The one thing that does lend credibility to this whole thing is that Amazon has spent years investing in fashion as part of its business model. Back in 2012, the New York Times reported that Amazon was shooting 3,000 fashion images a day to show off its “high fashion” offerings. “Buy clothes from us!” is a message Amazon wants to convey.

So put this whole idea in the “plausible” category. Of course, who knows how attractive any Amazon line will be, when customers already have access to almost every other possible brand through the website. I kind of see Amazon’s brand like Costco’s Kirkland brand, especially since the company already sells a line of AmazonBasics cords and accessories. Why not sell cheap, simple staples that people will buy simply because they’re cheap and simple? In a sense, it’s a surprise that Amazon hasn’t already gone down the clothing route.

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I’m seeing visions of weird fit clothing (Gap, Banana Republic, Uniqlo) that either the material is so thin, it only lasts a few wears; the seams are poorly stitched; or the proportion only belongs on a mannequin because real people aren’t shaped like that.