Argentine Aerocar Flew Down Highways with Gigantic Propeller

Illustration for article titled Argentine Aerocar Flew Down Highways with Gigantic Propeller

Back in the October 1955 edition of Mechanix Illustrated, readers got a glimpse of their automotive future that never was. The Argentine Aerocar eschewed the normal automotive design for GIANT PROPELLER BLADE technology.


The photo tells you pretty much all that we know—the car could reach 100mph using a giant fan to power its motion...probably forcing those driving behind to progress a bit less quickly.

But we can't help but be a little remiss that our future is one of near-silent whirring electric engines rather than the apocalyptic roar of an airboat loose on pavement. You know how sometimes the passenger will hop out of the car, get behind it and help the driver parallel park? That would not happen in said future. [modern mechanix via MAKE]



Sadly, with the current state of road rage, there's very little a design like this would do to effectively diminish traffic safety. And for a 1955 design, it's pretty and forward looking- If they had added a synchronized machine gun to the front this thing would be perfect modern day offensive driving.