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It's alright football fans, today is the beginning of the cold/dark winter and spring season when football is non-existent. Yeah, I could watch Arena football and I could also stab myself in the face with a spoon, but I'm not doing either. Here is a little football news to hopefully hold you out another week or so.

The Arizona Cardinals will be moving from their outdated and un-air conditioned Tempe, AZ stadium to a new high-tech stadium in Glendale, AZ. The new stadium costs approximately $450 million and will include a fabric retractable room, roll-out natural grass field, luxury boxes and best of all, air conditioning.


The stadium will also be wired up with a cutting-edge IP network that will be able to handle voice, data and video on the single network. Insight, a company based out of Tempe, will be doing all of the optical fiber installation. They have already completely wired up the Cardinals training facility and are working with Hunt Construction to have the stadium done by August for pre-season. They will also be evaluating the possible integration of Wi-Fi into the stadium and a radio network to enhance cell phone coverage. Now the big question remains, will this improve the Cardinals performance?

Team Looks to Score With Networked Stadium [eWeek]

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